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Basic Example

Once Consul is running (you'll see something like ==> Consul agent running!) in your command prompt, then do the following steps in your project.

Add a reference to the Consul library and add a using statement:

using Consul;

Write a function to talk to the KV store:

public static async Task<string> HelloConsul()
using (var client = new ConsulClient())
var putPair = new KVPair("hello")
Value = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Hello Consul")

var putAttempt = await client.KV.Put(putPair);

if (putAttempt.Response)
var getPair = await client.KV.Get("hello");
return Encoding.UTF8.GetString(getPair.Response.Value, 0,
return "";

And call it:


You should see Hello Consul in the output of your program. You should also see the following lines in your command prompt, if you're running a local Consul server:

[DEBUG] http: Request /v1/kv/hello (6.0039ms)
[DEBUG] http: Request /v1/kv/hello (0)

The API just went out to Consul, wrote "Hello Consul" under the key "hello", then fetched the data back out and wrote it to your prompt.